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An Afternoon of Algorithmic Protein Folding

On June 19th 2019 from 13:00 till 17:00 (max) we'll be organising a thematic afternoon of algorithmic protein folding at Science Park, in room C3.163. We'll be having some speakers, some student projects and a really nice competition by Bas Terwijn (below), lecturer in Heuristics. If you want to join us, or maybe even contribute,

please register so we can arrange for enough space. If you're not sure, just put "not sure" in the comment box.

13:00 Daan van den Berg Exact and non-exact algorithms
13:25 Peter Bolhuis Protein folding & energy landscapes
14:00 Maurits Dijkstra (VU) "The characteristics of molten globule states and folding pathways strongly depend on the sequence of a protein"
14:30 Coffee break?
14:50 Michael, Ruby & Sophie Hydro in the middle
15:30 Maybe another speaker? With some nice topic?
16:00 Bas Terwijn Algorithms for protein folding
16:30 Competition: results #winning

For questions contact Daan van den Berg.


Are you a good protein folder? Take part in our competition by Heuristics teachers Bas Terwijn and Quinten van der Post. A set of 26 proteins, ranging from 14 to 2000 amino acids in various dimensionalities, need to folded as well as possible. The proteins, and some python source code for objective values and visualization, come in a downloadable package.

After finishing your folds, uniquely identify them by your name and submit here.

For questions contact Bas Terwijn.

Protein Folding in Minor Programmeren

The idea for a meetup stems from the course of Heuristics in the Minor Programming here at UvA. One of the cases involves developing algorithms for folding proteins. Click the image (warning: Dutch).

Bepaal de optimale vouwing van een eiwit.