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Minor Programmeren: research in combinatorial optimization

We’ll be doing a small session with short presentations on various topics on May 21st, starting 17:00, in room D1.111 at Science Park.

Feel welcome to drop by if you’re still in.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions.

(Approximate) Program

17:00 Misha Paauw (student Minor Programmeren) “Approximating paintings-from-polygons with heuristic algorithms”

17:20 Gijs van Horn (student Minor Programmeren) “On the Hardness of the Hamiltonian cycle Problem”

17:40 Wouter Vrielink (Teaching Staff Minor Programmeren) “Fireworks Algorithm versus Plant Propagation Algorithm: battle for the best heuristic”

18:00 Break

18:30 Quinten van der Post (Teaching Staff Minor Programmeren) “Plant Propagation Algorithm on UvA’s Timetabling: first results”

18:50 Reitze Jansen (Teaching Staff Minor Programmeren) “On the solvability of chip wiring schemes”

19:10 Angelo Groot (Teaching Staff Minor Programmeren) “Efficiënt Heuristics for the Cap Set Problem”

(Optional) Daan van den Berg (Head Lecturer Heuristics in Minor Programmeren) “The ASQAS-problem: solving the final instance”