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An Afternoon of Algorithmic Protein Folding

On June 19th 2019 from 13:00 till 17:00 (max) we'll be organising a thematic afternoon of 'algorithmic protein folding'. We'll be having some speakers, some student projects and a really nice [competition] by Bas Terwijn, lecturer in Heuristics. If you want to join us, or maybe even contribute, [please let us know] so we can arrange for enough space.

13:00 will
13:15 be
13:30 here
13:45 soon
14:00 so
14:15 please
14:30 be
14:45 patient.

Comes from

The idea for a meetup stems from the course of Heuristics in the Minor Programming here @UvA.

 - right on the verge of algorithms and biology. If you're 


Protein Pow(d)er AmstelHaege (EN) Chips & Circuits
Bepaal de optimale vouwing van een eiwit.
Je bent een planoloog. Richt een nieuwbouwwijk in.
Optimally configure logical gates.